Know Your Rishi Profile

Investment Horizon: How many years will you allow your investments to grow before you will need to start significant withdrawals?

Retirement: When are you going to retire?

Cash Flow: What is your planned cash flow into and out of your investment portfolio over the next 3-5 years?

Near Future Events: Beyond your normal contributions & withdrawals, are there any special circumstances /events that might need major withdrawals from your portfolio over the next 3-5 years?

Attitude Towards Risk & Return: Please select the ideal volatility and return combination (represented in %age on an Average Basis) that you are most comfortable with for investments over a period of time.

Attitude Towards Losses: You have found that in your portfolio (consisting only mutual fund schemes) there is a fall in valuation by 25%. Your distributor/adviser tells you to transfer from a non performing scheme to a better one. What would you do now?

Attitude Towards Market Sentiments: You lost 25% in a mutual fund scheme but the market bounces back and you receive back your value? However, the sentiment in the market is weak and fresh investments are less with most of the people redeeming their portfolio. Your distributor/adviser says that the market valuations are attractive? What would you do?

Awareness & Maturity: How much do you 'believe' or have 'conviction' in the below statements? (A) In portfolio management, asset allocation and its' rebalancing shall largely determine returns (B) One should avoid emotions of fear, greed & hope while managing portfolio and take decisions as per proper strategy (C) Equities are instruments for long-term wealth creation but one should be patient enough to see losses in short-term

Attitude Towards Investments: How do you feel you would react to movements in your portfolio value?

Asset Class Selection: How would you select the Asset Class for Investment?